Why I Ditched that the 9-5:

I thought all that Perfect brain versus left brain BS to get a Long time, placing myself in the left mind camp since I liked logic puzzles and number matches as well as the sciences, all of them while ignoring lots of evidence to imply that I could, actually, have a couple of imaginative bones in my body, also (a affinity for play, a knack for writing, along with also the messiest room you have ever noticed –“It is not my fault, mother, it is entropy!” –even my explanations were inventive.

I had been convinced logic and imagination were mutually exclusive And, consequently, forged using a science-heavy profession which didn’t make me happy at all (obviously, I know the science component had little to do with my own loathing).

Finally, I found my own way from the suffocating career Route and took off to find the entire world. Among the most significant gifts traveling and living overseas gave me was much more energetic creativity than I had before that, in turn, led me into some creative reawakening of types. Here is the link below:

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The end result of this reawakening? This site you are reading right now.

I dropped absolutely head-over-heels with building and creating (Which would kind of describe a couple of C grades in my university mathematics classes.)

Obviously, because it is a spectrum rather than white and black, My logic center kicked in once more once I ran out of money within my journeys. I made my way back into the US to save some more money and found myself back into a rigid 9-5 office –in a large, soulless company, no less.

Long to save some dough up), all of them while feeling that imaginative passion I had just rediscovered slowly fizzling out within me.

And while I recognize that not every business work environment Is very that horrible, it had been an eye-opening encounter for me–just one that persuaded me down to my bones I did not belong in this location, my passion gradually dying, my critical thinking abilities withering away, my imagination unused and unwanted.

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