Leaflets – An Effective Way to Promote Your Business


Leaflets are still an effective way to boost brand awareness and promote your business. There is no denying we’re in the digital age and social media campaigns are vitally important when it comes to advertising. But old school methods such as leaflets and posters still have a place in our marketing strategies. Physical marketing campaigns can still be successful, once they are done right. If you need attractive leaflets or poster printing in Glasgow, it is important to deal with a knowledgeable, experienced company. Here are 5 of the most popular marketing techniques for SME’s in the UK:

  • Leaflets
  • Posters
  • Internet
  • Referral Networks
  • Follow- Ups

Although leaflets have been around forever, they are still one of the most useful marketing tools available to business owners. The humble leaflet still has many benefits for companies in all kinds of industries.


When it comes to money, nothing gives you a better bang for your buck than leaflets. If you are a small to medium enterprise, you can print some basic flyers yourself or you can use a skilled printing company – both of these options are cost-effective.

Detailed Info

Online marketing is a great advertising tool, but some sites only allow you to post a certain number of words, so you are limited with what you write. A leaflet is different, a carefully designed leaflet can include lots of information both back and front.

Reaching Your Demographic

Leaflets are perfect for reaching your target audience, especially members of the local community.

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