The Old Prevails- SMS Marketing


Advancement in technology has led to a rapid business growth. The market is getting fiercely competitive and new forms of communication are taking over the old ones. Marketing techniques are constantly evolving with time and marketers are using digital technology to reach out to the people. Presently, mail and messaging are the two major means to reach out to a larger number of people.

Text messaging is used for social communication and it’s usage prevails even today. Most companies and businesses have started using bulk messages as an advertising platform. Bulk SMS companies are growing in number and reach out to a large audience with the help of SMS marketing. It is mostly used by banks, media companies, consumer brands, mobile marketing companies, enterprises and entertainment companies. Bulk SMS helps these companies to introduce their potential customers to their new products and special offers. It permits online business establishment to send timely, targeted transactional and promotional messages to the customers at an inexpensive value.

This service has some great benefits like:

-The companies can send out alerts regarding upcoming deals, offers, payments, holidays etc via bulk SMS.

-Its penetration is in the worldwide market and since everyone owns a mobile phone, it gives the companies a greater access to the population.

-While not all phones have access to social media, every phone, regardless of make or model, is capable of receiving a SMS.

-It can be scheduled and sent any time on short notice.

-It requires very low level set up costs in comparison to the other marketing platforms.

-It is an easy tool to retain and attract existing customers and prospects.

Along with advertising via traditional methods like newspapers and magazine ads, banners etc, companies have expanded their reach using SMS marketing. It just takes a click of a button and fraction of a second to reach to a million people using the bulk SMS portal. It is a channel which enables a computer/system to send SMS at a large scale via telecom network which eventually get routed to the mobile phones. Messages are classified into two categories:

  1. Promotional route:

-In a promotional route, one can send promotional related messages like advertisements, offers, discounts etc.

  1. Transactional route:

-In a transactional route one can send informational messages like OTP’s and bank alerts.

With advancement in science and technology, text messaging has become redundant.

It’s significance has decreased with time and it is mostly used for alerts and important information. However, its usage without the need for internet services makes it a key feature in most of the phones and hence, it is a platform for effective marketing.

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