Digital Marketing Platforms: Finding What’s Right for Your Business


Did you know that 52% of marketers worldwide believe that using digital marketing platforms is the #1 way to get the word out about their business? Well, it’s true, and it makes a lot of sense. Nearly everyone, especially those in the USA, has constant internet access via Smartphones or computers.

Here, we’re going to talk about how you can choose what platforms to use and how you can create more visibility for your startup. Read on for some help choosing between Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and more,

Think About Your Budget

When considering how to use digital marketing platforms, you’ll want to consider the budget that you need to operate in. This will let you know how many platforms you can invest your efforts in while remaining economical. You may need to pick and choose what social media you want to focus your efforts on advertising with.

You also need to know how much you have so that you can set up an ad campaign that’s affordable for you. Facebook Ads, for example, lets you enter the amount of money you have for your PPC marketing on their platform and shows ads until you run out of money. You need to know what number you can enter into the site before beginning your campaign. If you want to learn more about marketing strategies for your business, visit this website for further details.

Consider Your Target Audience

Since you likely will need to pick and choose between ad platforms, considering your target audience is essential. If your product is geared toward older businesspeople, Facebook and LinkedIn are probably where the majority of your efforts should be focused. Millennials are known for being on Facebook and Twitter, so gear efforts toward them there.

If you’re advertising to Gen Z-ers, TikTok and Instagram are the way to go. Note that these are more specialized platforms, so you may be sacrificing more visibility in exchange for quality visibility with your target consumers.

What Are Your Aims?

Considering your aims in boosting small business productivity is also critical when choosing which platforms to use. If you want to engage people through images and video, YouTube and Instagram are likely the best choices. They make it easy to upload visually-based advertisement campaigns and show them to those who are likely to be the most interested.

If you’re going for something more professional and text-based, Facebook and LinkedIn are probably right for you. Twitter, on the other hand, is awesome for linking content to your official page. People will need to read more than the character limit and therefore will click on your links, driving traffic to your web page effectively.

Get Started With Digital Marketing Platforms

Now that you have some ideas of what digital marketing platforms to use when advertising for your business, it’s time to learn more. Check out the rest of America for Purchase’s webpage to get information on starting or buying a business. Here, you’ll find articles that give you more marketing strategies as well as ideas on how to boost your ROI, so start reading ASAP.

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