Unlocking The Mystery Behind The Fluctuations In The Financial World Through The Interpretation Of Elliott Wave Principle By Glenn Neely


The financial aspect of the world has always played an important role in influencing and governing the changes that take place in other aspects of the life of a person. It is because of stability in finances that a person is able to prosper and it is due to the inadequacies in the financial structure that the people have to stake their comfort and luxury. It is for this reason that special studies have been conducted time and again to study the structure of the finances of an individual, organization and country and efforts have been made to figure out a pattern that governs these bits. However, having said that, it is also true that, unlike scientific study, the financial study does not follow any specific rule. This is to say that only with the help of experiences and adequate knowledge, can a person make sure to predict the future of the finances. Well, this was the usual assumption of the people regarding the financial aspect of the scenario until in the 1930s, a renowned accountant Ralph Elliott came up with the Elliott wave principle. Although the principle was discovered by him it was actually Glenn Neeley who formulated and made major improvisations in the theories of the principle to suit the needs of the people in the present times. The man has devoted almost three decades of his life to see where and how can the curves be modified to keep them in accordance with the changing face of the financial world.

The genius of a man

Glenn Neely is one prodigy when it comes to enumerating the most influential people in the field of finances. His contribution to the financial world cannot be surpassed easily. Starting his career as an accountant, he soon went on to become one of the most renowned accountants of the town and it is around the same time that he developed an affinity towards the Elliott wave principle. He began to study the principle and soon was able to find out the intricacies of the principle to understand its roots. With his skill, talent, and knowledge, he progressed immediately to become a world-renowned trading advisor, an analyst in the field of Elliott wave, and money manager in a career that crosses over three decades.

The leader in the field of forecasting

Forecasting certainly forms an important and essential aspect of the financial world on which the profits and losses of a firm depend. It is for this reason that it becomes extremely important to make sure that there should be a tried and tested method for the sake of forecasting the future of financial markets. Well, it is because of the efforts of Glen Neeley that the NEoWave methodology for the purpose of forecasting is used worldwide for forecasting market trends.

Thus, Glenn Neely’s contribution to the financial world is undeniably huge and has helped to shape the modern financial world.

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