What to Consider When Buying Property in Florida


2020 started with a boom in real estate sales in Florida, but will it remain so? Overall, it seems like it’s starting to slow down a bit, which makes it the perfect time to buy a property that’ll come with cheaper asking prices.

The key element to buying property in Florida is understanding the critical factors that can either make or break your deals, as well as whether you’ll be a happy homeowner of property in Florida in the coming years, or will you look on your purchasing decision with regret?

Keep on reading to learn all about the main factors to consider when buying a house in Florida.

Buying Property in Florida 101: What’s the Market Conditions?

This point might seem a bit obvious at first.

Yet, it’s so critical to the long-term value of your Florida property, and it’ll work as the key indicator to the type of property you’ll want to purchase, and were in Florida to start looking for the right property.

Looking at the average of middle home tiers, the price is approximately $245,845. Of course, this can be seen as more of a range with wide fluctuations depending on the neighborhood and the property qualities.

Regardless of the final closing price, you’ll want to pick the right time to buy a house. And, nailing your timing will be directly connected to the market conditions.

Insurance for Properties in Florida

Needless to say, Florida is notorious for its flooding and other natural disasters that lurk around hurricane season every single year.

That’s why you’ll have to keep in mind the mercurial nature of the weather in Florida, and whether you’re ready to properly insure your property or not.

You can start researching regular homeowner’s insurance, or alternatives, especially those that are flood-based. Investing in the right homeowner’s insurance will truly save your investment from crashing down around your ears in case of a natural disaster.

Moreover, you can also narrow down your property quality search parameters to include purchasing a home that’s been built in 2002 or newer, as insurance tends to be lower for these houses due to the more recent building code regulations.

Foundational Home Inspections

After conducting all of the research we’ve previously mentioned, it’s time to put all the properties that made it to your final list through a thorough (and independent) home inspection.

You’ll be surprised at the sheer amount of defects that can be found out through a solid home inspection.

A regular home inspection will ensure that the property’s structure is sound, that there are no pest infestations, mold infestations, any drainage or plumbing issues, or even flooring problems before you finalize your sale.

Ready to Buy the Florida House of Your Dreams?

Buying property in Florida can truly be the right investment for you, or it might benefit from some additional research or better timing for the maximum return-on-investment you could possibly get.

We hope that the key considerations that you have to keep in mind helped guide you in the right direction when it comes to investing in real estate in Florida.

However, it’s the type of industry that requires you to be as up-to-date to the latest business news in order to take advantage of market opportunities.

That’s why it’s essential to check out our business news and investment sections for all the latest news you could possibly need.

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