Our Top 5 Picture Editing Tips


There’s nothing worse than a fantastic photoshoot only to sit down at your desk and struggle with editing your pictures the way you want them to.

Does that mean you need to invest in an expensive picture editing suite? Should you just give up and let someone else edit it for you?

We think there’s another way. Learning how to edit pictures is no easy task, but knowing the right tips can help you get where you need to be. In this article, we’ll be outlining 5 picture editing tips so you can get your photos to look just the way you want them!

Crop Your Image Effectively

A great way to create a professional-looking shot is playing around with the framing of a photo. You can do this as you’re taking the photo by taking the time to set up some unique framing.

If you weren’t able to get the shot you wanted, or you want to focus your photo more on a specific object, you can use picture editing apps to crop your photo. A good free image cropper should do the trick.

Flatten Out the Image

Once you’re ready to edit your cropped photo, it’s time to set the foundation by flattening out the image. That is, adjusting the color temperature and exposure if need be.

This helps you adjust the contrasts of the photo and apply all the toning and other techniques you might want to add to your picture editing app. Your picture might look a little dull, but you can adjust that as you edit.

Flattening the image basically lets you add your personal touch to photos.

Leverage Shortcuts

Workflow can be a pain when you’re editing pictures. For all the editing pictures we can offer, knowing certain keyboard shortcuts will save you a lot of unnecessary clicks and time.

Constantly fumbling around on your mouse can break the overall flow and rhythm of your work. Something as simple as copying an image can be made much easier by using the “Cmd+C” or “Ctrl+Shift+C” functions.

Make your life a lot easier by learning these little tweaks. It may seem trivial, but everything will feel smoother if you leverage these shortcuts.

Use the Healing Brush

Is there something in your image that you just want to get rid of? The best picture editing apps let you use a healing brush to fix image imperfections like scratches and blemishes.

You can also leverage this tool to remove distractions in the background, so it’s not just for fixing up someone’s headshot. Using a healing brush is a detail-oriented move, but one that’s extremely helpful when sprucing up your final product.

Pay Attention to Colors

This is a bit of a blanket statement, but it’s worth reiterating that you understand what colors you’re looking for and know how to use color sliders to achieve that effect.

If you want to make a certain color stand out or evoke a specific emotion, you can toy with the contrast and utilize the warmth slider to get what you need. This will take some practice but always look at the bigger picture (no pun intended) to make sure all your colors are working in tandem.

Leverage Picture Editing Tips to Elevate Your Photos

Whether you’re using Photoshop or a free picture editing software, there’s plenty of ways to get your pictures to pop using the right techniques. Use this article to find the most applicable picture editing tips for you.

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