Get to Know Trends That Will Contour E-commerce Jewelry Sector


Technology development, new business models and consistent consumer demands for more innovative ways from online e-commerce sites pressuri

The above e-commerce trends will shape your online jewelry business.

zes retailers. Those who lack creativity will fall sideways but those who identify these demands and adapt technological-driven strategies will satisfy today’s convenience hungry customers. Technological trends influence majority of e-commerce pearl jewelry industry.

AR [Augmented Reality] will boost sales

AR technology helps consumer to try 3D model of a product. It helps to close the breach between what they look at and what they get when they order. Experts believe that blurring this boundary reduces the product returns thus increasing online shopping experience.

For example, a jewelry try-on app allows customer to try the pearl earrings or rings prior they place an order. Thus, they can change shape or size of the pearl or metal color. When customers get a chance to see how the jewelry will look on them prior buying, they gain confidence to invest.

360° jewelry videos has great potential to boost sales

Product videos are popular visual feature but full 360° jewelry videos will allow to engage consumers in an interactive, expressive, and more immersive way.

Mobile optimization and mobile payment trend

For mobile-centric shopping, optimize your pearl jewelry website for Smartphones. Go responsive because your website can be compatible with every kind of screen and thus help to enhance mobile shopping experience.

Well-optimized mobile platform will help them to browse the jewelry collection, compare, take help from customer service and make payments. Make sure that your Point of Sale [POS] acceptance set-up and NFC [Near Field Communication] protocols are connected, so as to avoid mobile payment lag.

Consistent increase in wearable technology

Wearable devices like smart watches are popular. You can be creative and design smart jewelry pieces, for example – pearl bracelets with features like mobile and tracking alerts, which help users not to stick to their cellphones, especially on a date.

Smart pearl bracelet alerts you about an urgent message or call that needs to be attended to. It shows that pearl jewelry items can simultaneously be functional and glamorous.

As days and years pass online jewelry market is turning into a tough competitive arena. The above e-commerce trends will shape your online jewelry business.

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