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Start-up companies often don’t properly utilize the power of digital marketing. These days, the most successful companies tap into the world of digital and online marketing. In fact, the internet has overtaken the television as the most successful marketing tool. That is why you would be wise to hire professional internet marketing services for your business, to create successful digital marketing campaigns for your company.

According to a recent marketing poll, 67% of people now research a product online before making a purchase. 92% of those people have more confidence in the information they receive about a product online than they do from a salesperson. There are a stunning variety of new and exciting digital marketing services that can successfully utilize your brand and spread the word about your product.

The marketing strategists at start by performing an 11 point internet marketing audit. This identifies your successes and failures in digital marketing. They break down your current marketing approach, including your page rank, links, content depth, social media marketing, your approach to SEO basics, and more. After performing this vital audit they will implement a digital marketing strategy.

This strategy will utilize services and resources that are right for your company’s needs. These services include internet marketing, branding strategy, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, conversion optimization, digital storytelling, brand portfolio architecture, and integrated marketing communications. These complicated sounding marketing services are actually relatively simple.

Internet marketing will spread the name of your company using the vast resources of the internet. These approaches include tapping into social media sites, like Facebook and Google+, and creating active, exciting pages that entice potential buyers. Email marketing is a similar service, but will target individual email accounts, as opposed to a social media site-wide service. Search engine optimization will either create a new company site, or tweak your current site, so that it is easier to find using a search engine.

It identifies keywords that are applicable to your company’s services, and integrates them into your website. Branding strategy is the process of identifying your brand’s appeal, and finding the perfect area of the internet to promote it. It will spread your brand into areas that will expand your exposure, increase your reach, and get you real customers.

Digital storytelling involves creating a storyline for your company and using it to make your brand more known online. It utilizes a variety of digital sources, including videos and blogs, to create a friendly company image. Brand portfolio architecture is a similar service, one that creates a brand image that will appeal to potential customers.

These services are more complex than other online digital marketing services. Avoiding effective internet and digital marketing techniques will only hold you and your company back. Contact Brand Mechanics today by visiting and connect with one of our marketing consultants. We will assess your situation, offer you a price quote and begin working on your case immediately. When it comes to implementing internet marketing services for your business we want you to succeed, and we will do what it takes to help that become a reality.

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