Tips For Developing Your First Business Website


Starting a new business is an exciting time, and building your first business website is an adventure all its own.  The pace of technology demands a digital presence for businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries.

If you want your business website to stand out from the millions of other pages on the internet, you’ll have to learn how to build with intent.  Take a moment to read through a few helpful tips for developing your first business website, and get to work today.

Learn how to grab the attention of users

When web users do land on your website, you have less than ten seconds to gain their interest.  Most people will quickly move on to the next task if a website doesn’t pique their interest within just a few seconds.

Make sure your website features the best of your business, and make it visually appealing to your target audience.  Find a way to strike a lasting interest in web users by building a page presence that cannot be denied.

Work to retain the attention of users

Once you have the attention of passing web users, you’ll have to give them something interesting enough to keep their attention.  Adding educational content to your pages gives users something to explore.

Develop a thorough “About Us” section to show what your business is all about.  Add a “Blog” section to the design to keep the flow of information on your website fresh and intriguing to readers.

If your business doesn’t have the specialties and personnel to keep pace with the development of your business website, you could always hire professional developers to get the job done in style.

Communication should be a goal of your design

Design your business website to facilitate smooth communication between your business and it’s target consumers.  People should have no trouble asking questions, leaving comments, joining an email mailing list, or even sharing their concerns about your operation.

Use your “Contact Us” section for the bulk of your communication information, but don’t limit the connection to just one page.  Your homepage should also present a simple form of communication for web users.

Speed makes all the difference

The loading speed of your business website can make a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of the design.  We live in fast times, and your website must load quickly to draw any significant traffic.

When you’re working on your design, always test from the viewer’s perspective.  Invest in crunching video files to reduce loading times, and keep viewers moving right along through the info you have to offer.

Design to please Google

If you’re not familiar with Google’s indexing standards, you need to start researching now.  Google is the internet’s most frequented directory, and you want your business website to index well when users search relevant terms.

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