3 Home Updates That Will Increase The Value Of Your Property


If you own your own home, one of the thoughts that’s likely always somewhere in your mind is how well maintained your home is and what its total value would be if you put it on the market today. While some homes could easily be sold for a great profit as there currently are, to give yourself even more of a financial cushion, you may want to do a few updates that will enable you to ask even more money for your home once you finally sell it.

To help you in making the right choices with your improvement projects, here are three home updates that will increase the value of your property.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Almost anything that you do within your home that will make things easier or less expensive for future owners will reap you big financial rewards.

One of these things, according to Valerie Kalfrin, a contributor to HomeLight.com, is to install energy-efficient windows throughout the property. Especially for less expensive homes, you can get a big return on the money you invest by putting in windows that will better insulate the home and making heating and cooling costs cheaper. As part of this, you may also want to consider adding screens or shutters to the windows to further block out sunlight during the summer months and keep the heat in during the winter.

Minor Upgrades In The Kitchen And Bathrooms

The two areas in your home that will generally give you the best return on your investment for home improvement projects are the kitchen and the bathroom. And luckily, you don’t even have to make huge changes or put a ton of money into these rooms to see an increase in the value of your home.

According to DIYNetwork.com, even small changes or upgrades in the bathrooms and kitchen can be well worth your time and money. For example, switching out fixtures, replacing an old sink, or putting in newer appliances can all help your home be worth more money to potential buyers.

Put On A Deck

It’s not only updates within your home that can help to increase its value. With the right updates to the exterior, you boost your homes actual and perceived property value markedly.

Because it can easily be used as additional living space, Heather Levin, a contributor to Money Crashers, shares that putting a deck onto your home can give you a sizable return on your investment and make your home much more valuable. In fact, you can reasonably expect to earn back 65 to 90 percent of the cost you put into this upgrade.

If you’re wanting to make some changes to your home and property that will make your home more valuable, consider using the suggestions mentioned above as a great jumping off point.

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