How to Build the Best Garage Shelves for Your Business


If you have a business that involves delivery and storage of products and material resources, you need the best garage shelving ideas. Consult with a company that will provide you with a wide range of high-quality shelving services. Make sure that the company is committed to excellence as well as safety and economy of maintenance costs. Go for a provider that uses premium materials as well as superior design to its shelving solutions. Here are some very useful garage shelving solutions.

Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving is perfect for the manual storage of lightweight products. This shelving solution makes use of frames with boards and beams. This is an effective solution for products of almost all shapes and sizes. Moreover, it is ideal for non-palletized goods. It can also be used as a stand-alone system that perfectly fits pallet racking applications, particularly at the lower levels. Also, this solution can bear a stable load at an affordable cost.

Carton Live Storage

Carton live storage is meant to maximize both your efficiency and productivity through a gravity-powered pick-up system. This system ensures the automatic presentation of your stock at the pick face all the time. This storage solution features better picking productivity along with an automatic rotation of stock. This is ideal for distribution centers where picking must reach peak performance. The system can also adapt to heavy-duty frames. Moreover, the system usually works together with ColbyConveyors to hasten picking and packing processes.

Steel Metal Lightweight Shelving

One of the best garage shelving ideas is steel metal lightweight shelving. This is recommended for all general-purpose lightweight applications. The system is built from the finest and most durable materials that can be customized to meet a variety of sizes. With its low-cost nature and popularity, it is ideal for slow moving goods and files. Static shelving is economical and versatile. It can be easily installed, and its modular design is adjustable and easy to extend.

Miniload Shelving

This is a small-scale version of the pallet racking system. Miniload shelving can efficiently provide storage while giving you a run for your money. It is made up of many various beams and a wide range of shelf types. In fact, miniload shelving is the perfect system for all retail and industrial operations.

Some Final Words

If you want the best garage shelving solutions for your business, then you should try to explore the best warehouse pallet racking Melbourne can offer you. It all depends on what kind of material needs shelving and how much of these materials should be shelved. Go for the experts when it comes to providing storage and shelving needs. Choose one with more than 30 years of experience in industrial storage and design services. More importantly, trust one that can determine the right garage shelving solution that you need.


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