How Instagram is Changing the Social Media Landscape


There is no denying that Instagram has changed our social media use. In less than 8 years, Instagram has gained over eight-hundred million followers. That is a big number! Just think about how influential this application has been on humanity.

Let’s take a look at what has happened and is happening now. Technology has led the way for dynamic change. Specifically, many social media platforms (like Instagram) have both effected change and adopted breaking technology for a new online revolution.

Brand customized AR Filters

Augmented Reality (AR) is about to change how people use social media. It could possibly materialize social media content into 3D life. And it will really be one of the largest trends of 2019.

For example, an important theme in the Facebook F8 conference this year was the rise of Augment and Virtual Reality, and what they might mean to the social media future.

Facebook should change with AR. In 2019, expect to view more influencers, brands, and makers making their own custom filters via the Facebook AR studio.

Another example is Instagram. AR can also affect Instagram face filters. Currently, you can have some fun with animations and flower crowns that change your images in true-time. To use them, all you need to do is hit the small camera icon in the top of your display, then click on the face icon to pick your filter. And with AR, this feature should also get improved!

Instagram story ads

400 million people watch Instagram stories every single day.

On top of this, Facebook advertising is rising in cost, which means many brands are moving to stories advertising.

Although it is still with this type of advertising, it is already reaping big outcomes for brands and will likely be one of the largest Instagram trends in 2019.

Vertical videos

With live, stories, and IGTV gaining in status, vertical videos are in trend not just on Instagram, but also on YouTube, where you can now upload vertical videos without the black bars on the side. This YouTube update mechanically adjusts the videos aspect ratio, in order to match the display size on your PC, which is pretty stunning step forward in user experience (see examples on Instagram by BigTimeDaily).

For Instagram, getting excellent at video production can help you improve your content performance in 2019. You do not need to be a pro right away – begin playing with applications like Storeo and inShot and post your outcomes on stories. As you get better, include more vertical videos in your feed.

Instagram shopping

Instagram might not provide native shopping options just yet – but that does not mean that firms cannot make a killing by providing the best content.

Almost seventy-two percent of users admit to buying products that they view on Instagram. Now that shoppable posts are accessible, the possibilities are that we will view a rising number of sales happening on your favorite social channel.

Shoppable posts spec a little shopping bag icon on the side of the display. When your customers click on the icon, they can find details on the item, click on “Shop Now,” and go straight to the products page on your site.

Instagram influencers

Users who make a lot of content and amass millions of fans on this platform find themselves in a special position. Their influence value is more tangible than likes.  It is value equivalent to some serious coin.

Over seventy percent of brands indicate they are using influencer marketing. Brands will be spending an estimated $2.3 billion on influence marketing in 2019. Already, celebrities like Barbados born Rihanna earn a good amount from this.

The best part is, influencers do not have to be stars in the traditional sense. They can be ordinary people, travelers, photographers and story tellers. They add value by sharing insights, observations and memories. Plus, they have a dedicated following of an audience that might like their products or service. They do not even have to have a huge following – 1000 users is good for a sizeable audience. These are the microinfluencers of today.

Not only is it simpler to target niche or local audiences by working with micro-influencers, but these audiences have much higher levels of engagement in likes and comments on posts related to your niche.

According to Xcart, influencers with under 25,000 followers are very cost-friendly investment at $130 per post. This means that advertisers can collaborate with 100s of influencers around the country for the same price as working with a single celebrity.

Instagram is changing the social media landscape in 2019

These Instagram trends for 2019 will permit you to make more personal links with your following.

Not only are and more brands sharing content made by their customers, they are also making personalized content specifically designed for each and every user.

Marketers Links on Instagram

Instagram took a very different route to success. It stopped all affiliate marketers by outlawing overt promotion and links to sales pages.  This turned off the hard headed marketers who saw little value in building a following if you could not sell to them. That thinking has changed, as the power of non-promotion has become the beauty of the beast.

Instagram’s popularity has grown and it has attracted real businesses with real interest and passion for their own art, profession, hobbies, causes and lifestyles.

You can of course advertise if you choose to promote your post. In this case Instagram allows you to link to your page or shopping site with buttons to Buy Now, Learn more etc. And as noted above we will soon have shopping options within the platform. If you have over 10,000 followers you can add links to your Instagram stories.

Video and images can have non-clickable links and your profile may contain a single clickable link.  There are also services like Later and profiturl that will allow you to extend you links to many pages and you can easy create your own landing page of links that the bio can link to.

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