5 Reasons Printed Materials for Marketing are Relevant


As the world quickly moves more and more online, one common misconception is that marketing must completely shift to a digital format.

In fact, print marketing is still very much relevant and can still be a businesses’ primary resource for reaching potential customers. There is plenty of evidence that it isn’t time to abandon printed materials for marketing and head to completely digital ads.

Here are 5 reasons why printed materials are still very effective for marketing campaigns.

  1. Print Marketing is More Personable

It may depend on the style and image of your business, but generally, most brands aim to have a sense of relatability with their customers. That is why printed materials for marketing and ads are still the best option to establish a true relationship with clients.

When someone receives a physical, paper ad, they will tend to interact with it for a much longer period than with something online. It is simply a more indelible, lasting option for marketers.

  1. Cost-Effective

A very direct and simple reason that print marketing might be preferred is the overall cost compared to digital. That is with one caveat: if you are targeting a specific market.

Companies know that print marketing is more cost-effective than digital when they use this one popular strategy. Advertising is an investment, and everyone who spends capital wants a steady return on that investment.

  1. Easily Track Results

There are tried-and-true systems for tracking print marketing and its reach to customers that have been perfected for decades upon decades. Tracking the success of printed ads is a much more simple endeavor than digital.

Complicated algorithms and a system that confuses many await you if you choose digital marketing. Business leaders shouldn’t have to devote that much time in order to know if digital ads succeeded.

Save the unneeded effort and headaches by opting for print marketing instead. Printed materials for marketing is made easy with Big T Printing.

  1. Plenty of Functions for Print

Even if the online world is growing, there are still plenty of conventional uses for print marketing that is not going away anytime soon. Business cards are still essential to many companies, executives, salesman, or numerous other jobs.

Other options that aren’t going anywhere anytime soon include mail ads, fliers, handouts, and signs. These are all still excellent ways to reach a wide array of potential clients.

  1. Don’t Get Easily Clicked Away

While print marketing has some clear advantages over digital marketing, there are also disadvantages of digital ads that you will avoid if you choose print marketing instead.

Since it is over the internet, users have a much easier time ignoring an ad or blocking it out. There is a big difference between someone absorbing an ad (even if just for a few seconds) then the ad being tuned out completely.

Society has become adept at quickly clicking away potential ads, essentially rendering them useless. Within marketing, there is always a risk of the ad going unseen, but that risk is much higher with digital than with print.

Print Still Has It’s Place

Don’t waste a perfect opportunity to reach countless clients with print ads. While the world may be changing, printed materials for marketing still have a very large place in society and within advertising.

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