3 Common processes companies outsource


Subcontracting a certain portion of business processes in today’s world is a strong competitive strategy. Through outsourcing, companies gain numerous advantages, such as cost-saving, access to expertise and technology, and the ability to focus on the core. Depending on the nature of the business, the required outsourced processes may vary. This article will discuss the most commonly outsourced things by many companies that your business may consider after all.

Customer support

Through support outsourcing, the company receives a team of dedicated agents that provide a 24/7 omnichannel customer experience on a concierge level quality. The advantages of outsourcing such an aspect of a business are cost reduction and customer satisfaction increase. Your business ultimately saves money on infrastructure, as well as training and retaining. For a salary of a single employee, a business gets a whole dedicated team that works on increasing important metrics such as CSAT, average response time and resolution time, and average handle time. If your business requires an improvement within its customer service or ability to handle large numbers of tickets – outsourcing definitely will make that happen.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Many businesses, especially SME’s, do not have the full capacity to manage the accounting details. Through outsourcing, companies save both time and money on employee hiring and retaining, where at an affordable cost a team of experts manages books for your business. Most importantly, your business is provided with increased internal controls. In turn, it allows preventing fraud since numerous employees are controlling and managing the transaction processing and reports.


Marketing is one of the most important functions of the business but definitely is not the core. Through outsourcing marketing activities, your business will be able to focus on the main competencies, while the partner firm develops a strategy for success. You access a full range of talents and skills, from research and content creation to social media strategy and SEO. Given the years of experience and expertise, your partner firm has all the tried-and-true processes, technology, infrastructure, and resources to perform any type of work, which would be cost and time-prohibitive to implement in-house.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing any of the discussed functions can bring your business numerous benefits that will support and improve your business operations in the long run. Having a reliable and verified outsourced partner will strengthen your competitive advantage and bring your business closer to success.

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