What You Need to Know About Back-Office Outsourcing Services


Back-office is a term derived from a traditional business layout. The front office handles the revenue-generating works. It includes face-to-face connections with the clients such as customer service and sales. The back office serves as a support group to the front office. 

They carry out works that don’t generate revenue. But such functions are vital to maintaining a company’s success. These include accounting, administration, data management, human resources, IT, and payroll. Let’s find out what is back-office outsourcing services.

Importance of Back-Office Outsourcing

Back-office outsourcing is important because of 4 essential reasons:

They are the backbone of the business

Back office outsourcing handles tasks related to the operations and organizations of a business. They are also trusted to maintain a healthy workflow. They support the front office in a way that they organize the data and resources it needs to function smoothly. These include budgeting, cost analysis, data management, and manpower hiring.

They boost productivity in a business

Back office outsourcing means hiring an outside resource to focus on specific roles. They specialized in the role of making the work fast and more efficient. They provide the resources that the front office needs to boost overall performance and productivity.

They provide data security

Businesses handle a large amount of data – from their employee files to their clients’ insights. Back office outsourcing services are well-trained to handle such a task in the most efficient way. They can manage, organize, and secure information all in one place.

They provide growth opportunities

Businesses were able to reduce costs from back-office outsourcing. At the same time, the result of this cost reduction is quality service. The cost reduction and efficient service that back-office outsourcing provides allow businesses to grow and scale-up. They can divert the savings to developing new products. While the quality services allow them to scale up easily.

What Tasks Are Carried Out by Back Office Outsourcing?

The most common tasks performed by back-office outsourcing are:

  • Accounting Assistance includes bookkeeping skills like auditing, budget preparation, data entry, ledger update, and transaction management.
  • Customer Order Management refers to the processing of the purchase of goods and services such as customer follow-ups, deliveries, order fulfillment, and shipping. 
  • Database Administration ensures that a business database is available for use by the corresponding departments. It involves monitoring, planning, and troubleshooting the overall data services. 
  • Finance Management is the strategic control and planning of the finances in a business. They may involve balancing assets and liabilities plus income and expenses. Collection and payrolling are under the scope of financial management. They may also involve the legalization and tax payment processes in a business.
  • Generation of Digital Content involves content creation, social media management, and website development. They are the main force supporting the sales team. They generate digital content to increase brand engagement that eventually leads to conversion.   
  • Human Resources Management (HRM) is the process of hiring people, training them, and setting up policies to define their benefits and roles. HRM plays a vital role in determining the right skills needed for each company position.  
  • IT Development concerns the control and planning of a business’ information system. It also involves the security management of databases and websites.
  • Technical Support oversees and troubleshoots technical issues on the company’s software infrastructure and customer’s accounts. Their skills are an asset to a company because they are the main force to innovation. 
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