What To Consider Before Choosing Your Office Space


Choosing an office space is one of the most significant aspects you have to consider in your business.

It influences not just your daily transactions and workplace morale but your brand identity as well. Let’s focus on the five major elements that are completely influential in the procedure.

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  1. Location

The location of your chosen office is one of the most important factors to contemplate when selecting an office space.

Below are two certainly substantial factors to consider:

  • Accessibility: Is my office accessible for my clients? Would it be easy to locate?
  • Convenience: Would it be convenient for my employees to get there?

If you answer Yes to these two questions above, then you are one step closer to your goal of finding a suitable office space. Is there any gym, school, coffee shop, restaurants, or groceries around the office? Ponder about these things, and it may attract more clients.

  1. Price/ Rental Rates

When searching for new office space, look around the office and its amenities. Then, decide if it is worth the money you’re going to pay. Think twice if it is a good deal or if it is affordable enough.

Be certain about the following things:

  • Affordability: Will I be able to pay right away the three-month deposit on this office?
  • Hidden Fees: Am I able to ask about other fees, like Maintenance or the extra cost of parking?
  • Pricing: Is the pricing of this office just the same as other offices around the city?

The first question is an assurance within yourself that you can afford the monthly rental rate. Simultaneously, queries about hidden fees are important to safeguard yourself from unexpected and unexplained charges. And lastly, the third question aims to know if you are making the best reasonable deal.

  1. Size

The location and the price of the office space will impact the size of the workplace you chose. As per general guidelines, 70 square feet is the most commonly recommended size working area per employee. You may adjust the size of the functional area according to the site.

Being aware of the business’ proper sizing requirements will hinder you from transferring from one office space to another, and it will just be another problem.

Here are some of the factors to see if your office has a suitable size for your business.

  • Proper size requirement: Will it be possible to provide a 70-square feet working area for my employees?
  • Conference Room: Is there any room available for private meetings with clients?
  • Resting area: Is there any room available for employees to take their break or eat their lunch?

Having a crowded working place may diminish employee performance. That’s why it’s good to know the proper size requirement that corresponds to your business.

  1. Infrastructure

When looking for office space, you should consider the following: Essential IT support, serviced offices, Cafes, internet, and WIFI. Be certain that the office space has accessibility with telephone, WIFI connections as we all know that nowadays, most of the business runs through the use of dependable internet connection.

The status and dependability of the services are essential too. It might be a waste of funds if we pay for a service that continuously causes problems, more on hectic working days.

It would be better to look close

  • Internet cost: Have I considered the cost of any internet access into the price I’ll pay for this space?
  • Contacts: Do I have any contacts with other businesses to know their experiences of the Infrastructure?
  • Postal Services: Does this office have a permanent postal address?
  • Internet connection quality: Can I ask for a speed test to see that the Internet Service Provider gives quality and reliable service?

  1. Style

The style of the office space still plays a big role in succeeding in searching for office space. If you give importance to your business or brand identity, you must acknowledge why it is necessary to consider the style when choosing an office. Your office could leave an amazing impression on your clients. It could also be a remarkable branding tool!

Here are a few things that need consideration:

  1. Competitors: Are there competitors nearby? Do their businesses are similar to my industry?
  2. Cost: Am I allowed to renovate and customize my office with no extra charges?
  3. Interior Design: Is my interior design good enough? Will it leave impressive remarks from my clients?

You may opt to add simple things like hanging paintings or artistic pictures on the wall. Just play with your creativity. Surely, the style of your office will help you to build up your brand identity!

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