What Do I Need To Know Before I Look For Personal Injury Lawyers In Vancouver BC?


Most important decisions in life require you to do your “homework.” When looking for an attorney to handle an injury claim, It’s imperative to get someone knowledgeable about dealing with the ICBC. Before going to a consultation, you need to ensure the lawyer has a proven track record of success. Here are some things you need to know before hiring personal injury lawyers in Vancouver BC.

  1. Does The Law Firm Have The Staff To Handle My Claim?

One of the primary considerations when hiring a law firm is the time they have to devote to your case. You need to find out if the paralegals do all the work or if the attorneys will personally handle your situation. Since personal injury attorneys often carry large caseloads as they work on a contingency basis, it’s essential to know that your claim will get the attention that it needs.

  1. Does The Attorney Focus on Personal Injury Cases?

Some attorneys handle only personal injury claims, while others do family law with a few of these types of cases mixed in. It’s imperative to find out what kind of cases the attorney handles. You want to make sure that they don’t take on a few personal injuries while running a family law practice. A successful injury law firm won’t need to dabble in family law. You want seasoned specialists handling your claim.

  1. How Long Has The Lawyer Been Handling These Cases?

As with most things in life, time brings about experience. When it comes to the law, it’s no exception. A well-season attorney has developed excellent skills, and they bring valuable negotiation skills to the table. Since they have handled many of these types of claims, they know how to work things in the ICBC.

A good lawyer knows what your claim is worth, and they are not interested in any “low ball” offers. Their goal is to get the most compensation that they can, and they won’t settle for anything less. It’s imperative to have legal counsel that knows the ins and outs of these cases. While that doesn’t mean a new attorney can’t do a good job, there’s something that can be said for experience.

  1. What Is Their Rating By Other Clients?

The internet is a wonderful tool that helps you to research lawyers. You can see consumer reviews from others with the touch of a button. These reviews are authoritative because they let you know the strengths and weaknesses of an attorney. You want someone that is devoted to your claim, and client reviews are the best way to see what kind of person you are considering hiring.

You can get a good feel for an attorney based on the initial consultation. You want someone easy to talk to and that listens to your concerns. There are many personal injury lawyers in Vancouver BC, but take your time to find the best.

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