Vidmate- The best choice for video lovers


These days Smartphone has proven as the best support to an individual who wants to use technology to carry out various tasks. With the help of the small device, one can contact other people, send a message or a media file using various applications available. For Android users, it is said that the play store is the place from where one can get the required application easily. However, those, who love to watch videos,Vidmateis a fabulous application which is not available on the Play Store. To download Vidmate application, one needs to visit the official platform, which is known as 9Apps.

Why one needs to go for Vidmate?

For those who love to watch videos, many times prefer to have the video on their smartphone. But as the platform where the video is available, does not allow downloading the concerned video, one need to use an application which can fetch the video from the concerned platform. For this task, Vidmate app is much famous. It is a simple application that can be easily used by the user after downloading it from the 9Apps. It has got immense features that can make the video downloading experience as a memorable one.

The features:

It is because of the features of the application only; it is much famous among the video lovers. There can be no simpler way than using the vidmate application as one just needs to get the link of the concerned video and paste it at the given space. As soon as the download button is hit, the application starts downloading the video. One can also convert the video file into an MP3 file with the help of this application. Another notable feature here in this application is one can change the setting of the video to improve the quality. It can download the video in a few seconds compared to applications available on various platforms. Hence, those who are interested in downloading the videos, this can be the best application to go for.

How to download vidmate app?

The makers of vidmate have made it very easy to download this application from 9Apps. To download vidmate one needs to visit the site of 9Apps and find the application. On the website, there is a link provided which one needs to use to download the app. As soon as the link is clicked, the downloading of the application starts on the device. It can install itself easily, and hence, one does not need to do anything for that. As soon as the application is downloaded, it is ready to use. One can paste the link of the video and see the performance of this application. Here one must note that the link must be correct else it will not be able to fetch the video.

After the downloading of the video, it is saved on the device in a specific folder which is created by the app. Hence, one can easily track the downloaded video also. It is an app tested by many users and therefore it is recommended by the experts also.

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