Top 5 Steps To Take When Planning To Invest In The Argyle Pink Diamonds


Argyle diamonds have carved a unique niche for themselves with ever-increasing popularity. The constant timeline of the close of production at the Argyle Mines has also contributed significantly in the rising demand for argyle diamond investments. However, as with any important decision, investing in argyle pink diamonds should be done only after careful deliberation over the available options and your own limitations. If you are just about to start investing in the diamond rush, here are the 5 steps that you must take before you put down your money on the marker.

  1. Check for Analytics report for the Argyle diamond valuation

Since the market is flooded with both original and copies of Argyle pink diamonds, you require authentic proof of rarity before you invest in the stones. Fortunately, you can avail the analytics rarity report that most original diamond dealers will ensure with the Argyle diamond collection. This report focuses on the unique inscription or certificate number that is etched on Argyle diamonds after statistically comparing the rarity quotient of each of the stones. These certifications have been followed since the very beginning of the historical record-keeping for Argyle diamond mine production. This report is by far the most dependable valuation system for the accurate appraisal of the Argyle Pink diamonds.

  1. Choose a reliable dealer to invest in Argyle diamonds

You need to reach out to reliable and authentic dealers to start your investing plan. Make sure to complete thorough research of the dealers near you who are offering investment in authentic Argyle pink or blue diamonds. You need to consult with each of the dealers on your shortlist to understand the various authentication they provide along with the stone. You also need to speak to some of their existing or previous customers, because a personal recommendation is always a solid way to understand the work ethics and reliability of a diamond dealer, particularly in the wake of quite a bit of money changing hands as part of the investment.

  1. Check for the cut and clarity of the stones

When buying loose diamonds, it is critical to check the cut and clarity factor of the stones. Coloured diamonds usually have a secondary inclusion embedded which further strengthens or devolves the true colour of the stone. Check for stones that offer the maximum clarity and cuts that enhance the primary colour brilliance of the stone.

  1. Check the colour spectrum evaluation

Pink diamonds can be availed in a colour range of 4 different shades – pink rose pink, purple-pink and champagne pink. You can also find stones in subsets of different shades. Try to choose darker coloured diamonds if you intend to invest heavily in the stones. These shades are rarer and therefore ever more valuable in due course of time.

  1. Match your budget to your diamond choice

Finally, the budget will decide the carat or weightage of the diamond that you will finally invest in, so have a clear budget plan in your head. Match the 4Cs of diamonds with your budget because it is not only the carat that determines the overall value of the investments.

When you invest in pink diamonds as a secure future investment, remember to preserve the certificates and receipts of the trade as carefully as the stone to ensure that when you are ready to liquidate the funds, it will not be an added hassle for you.

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