Tips for Database Management: 10 Best Practices for Managing Salesforce Knowledge


Today, not many people count on specialist support, instead, they are just relying only on themselves. This is why many companies strive to provide their customers with informative content, but this will require a special place where to store all the information. It is not possible to do it without a well-managed knowledge base. 

It will be possible to find the corresponding articles using Salesforce, which is great for websites or communities. This application provides multilingual support, redefinition link for search and content management. Additionally, there are many options that a user can manage on his own. There are 10 basic guides that will help to keep the documentation in order all the time. 

There is a number of valuable practices for knowledge management in Sаlesfоrce:

  • articles classification;
  • consumer definition;
  • publication saving;
  • editing;
  • feedback;
  • resolution change;
  • introduction of search filters;
  • attaching published material to appeals;
  • determination of the usefulness of an article by voting;
  • adding the possibility to view the text in different languages.

Talking about these practices more in detail, it is worth determining the type of publications. This will help to quickly find the right materials. Such classification can also be used to identify the audience, referring to their profile, experience and other characteristics. These categories are easy to set manually and then to mark or unmark them when publishing content. 

First, any article is saved as a draft. To add it in the knowledge base, it is necessary to click on the “Publish” button. This button can be found in the publications management tab. During this process, it is worth establishing who needs this material: a partner, a consumer or a public database.

If the text has been published but requires some edits, don’t feel disappointed, because it’s very easy to arrange everything using the app. It can be done while staying on the Web. For edits, it is necessary to use the draft version.

Feedback plays an important role in any business. It’s always nice to get likes for your work and to see that someone has shared your publication. To see all of this, it is possible to use the tracking feature.

The «Actions with texts» tab makes it easy to manage the permission level. Here, it is possible to create a public group and add certain consumers. They will be able to manage and translate articles.

  • Benefits of knowledge base in Salesforce

The installation of a special application ensures an effective management of the published information. There is just no way to do it without the knowledge management in Salesforce, since it provides a number of valuable advantages:

  1. Introducing criteria to make it easier to find the right material.
  2. Possibility for supporters and clients to contribute to the database.
  3. Systematization of work in order to find the necessary content.
  4. Advanced filtering according to categories.
  5. Presence of clear navigation.
  6. Sorting in order to be capable quickly add information to the knowledge base. 

The app allows to create articles of any size, without being capped by any limitations. 

  • Additional features of Salesforce knowledge articles

Additional features can be obtained during the interaction with the audience by adding different filters. This will make searches much faster and more productive. For those who are looking for a specific material it is necessary to use special labels. Attaching a publication to an appeal will also expand the possibilities. All of this can be added with just a button click.

If you want to see if consumers liked your article, it is worth opening up the access to voting. In this way you can see how many positive responses your texts have achieved and determine how useful is your publication for your audience. To make your content available to consumers from different countries, translate your articles into foreign languages. This will help expand your audience. 

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