This is How CNC Machining Services are Being Improved with Wire EDM Machining


In any CNC machining service, you can find electrical discharge machine services as well these days. They are also known as EDM, and this technology is used to cut materials with higher levels of accuracy and get them into any required shape by our clients. The process is often used for materials that are solid conductors of electricity. 

Wire EDM is a high-precision of manufacturing that offers a lot of benefits when it comes to accuracy and precision. It’s an alternative to traditional machining. The technology uses electrical discharges to take bits of material out of a workpiece by continuously discharging electrical currents between two electrodes separated by a dielectric liquid.

The Benefits of Wire EDM Machining

EDM machining is standard offering with any CNC machining service company. It certainly has proven to be quite efficient over more established machining techniques. This method can deliver products tailored on far superior results than those achieved by laser cutting. It can indeed cost quite a bit more than other machining methods, but the results secure an ROI rate of nearly 100%. Some of the most significant benefits of EDM matching are listed below: 

  • Is the Best way to Handle Small and Complex Cuts 

In the manufacturing industry, small pieces are always tricky. Cutting and shaping them properly can be a lot of work, and doing this procedure a thousand times over, takes a toll on precision. With EDM machining, you can make complex and small shapes much easier.

  • Is Fast and Reliable

You will be able to cut metals in a required shape at very high-speed. This will give you an edge and multiply your production volume. The quality of the products remains intact since there is no burring or distortion of the metal using this technique. You will save money on production costs and increase your business profits.

  • You Need Minimal Infrastructure

 EDM machines require minimal infrastructure and space. It makes for a very cost-effective technology.

  • You Get Precision and Quality in a Single Package

We have already stated the levels of precision achievable with this technology. The quality is not affected by wire EDM machining regardless of the hardness of the metal.

  • It Works Great to Cut Fragile Objects

Some items are more complicated because conventional methods can’t achieve their sturdiness without losing significant amounts of material. EDM machining can make these parts without physical pressure. This means less damaged parts and increased rates of productivity on delicate tasks.

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