Things To Consider Before Your Office Fit-Out


Fitting out a new office is very expensive and you cannot undo it if it does not turn out well. It is important to consider staff productivity and the company’s brand image. You should take into account the look and feel of the office as well as its available facilities. There are several considerations you should make. Especially if you want to make your new office fit-out enjoyable and successful.

The big questions

A new office fit-out offers various benefits to your business. Staff performance is usually improved. Workflow gets increased and movement throughout the office space becomes easier. You should ask yourself the following big questions before you begin your new fit-out:

  • Why do you need a new office?
  • What kind of fit-out do you want?
  • Where will your new office be?

Your answers will determine the budget and duration of the fit-out. It will also serve as a guide for functional and aesthetic choices.

The future

A great workplace reflects the current climate of your business. But it should also be ready to adapt to future changes. Answers to the following questions are also essential:

  • How is your business going to change and grow over the next few years?
  • Is company expansion possible in your current space?
  • How will technology trends affect your office’s size and shape?
  • Can your space adapt to rapid change?

It is better to look for a new space to house your office if your existing facilities are already outdated. It will be enough to have a refurbishment if you have space but want to upgrade your workspace. It will improve company image and enhance productivity.

Know your budget and get a comprehensive quote

It is easier to hunt for quotes when you already have a budget. Knowing how much you can spend will avoid wasted time. You will not deal with contractors outside your budget. Or unable to deliver your expectations. Here are some you should consider in your budget:

  • Costs associated with the move.
  • Duration and cost of storing equipment and furnishings.
  • Design of the fit-out.
  • Costs of new furniture.
  • IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

A quote is not a promise to engage. Use them to make informed decisions. Compare different companies and look at the bigger picture. Ensure that the initial quote includes all possible costs to avoid unexpected costs. The quote should include the following:

  • Design brief.
  • Technical plans.
  • Delivery of materials.
  • Building assessment.
  • Project management and construction.

Keep in sync with your brand identity

The design of your office should be able to reflect the vision and mottos of your company. As well as its ideas, values, and culture. And of course, its desired appearance. Remember that it should be an extension of your advertising and marketing collateral. And vice versa. Involving your marketing department in this process is better. They know your brand better than anyone else.

If you are ready for fitting out your new office, look for an office fit out company in Melbourne. They will take the time to listen to your needs. They will provide a positive and stress-free experience for your new office fit-out.

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