The important facts about MWD Companies


MWD companies or the Measurement while Drilling companies are a new scope of development in the era where mining, construction and expeditions have become critical activities. This all activities include the MWD process, which increases the importance of the MWD companies. After 1800, drilling operations have become involved and have become risky. This requires the Measure during drilling procedures. MWD companies were introduced in the 1970s. This was because of uneven distributions of hydrocarbons and minerals. Today the mining companies have to drill deeper and also in underwater situations for searching for many useful resources.

What are MWD Companies?

MWD companies are necessary for the involvement of safety precautions in the Mining and digging activity. MWD companies use the technology of drilling by various equipment and tools and then gathering real-time data of the underground situations which are necessary for further planning for the process involved in the mining and the extraction of resources from beneath the surface of the earth.

In any MWD systems, various sensors are equipped, which helps to collect essential information for drilling. MWD companies today have become very famous in modern drilling operations. There are various MWD companies which work in different situations; some of the MWD companies work for analyzing the situations underwater, some work for the underground mining process or mining at any particular method.

There are various powers and temperature range of the equipment used in the measurements in the MWD companies.

Importance of MWD Companies

So all we can say that MWD company has helped and created a new scope in mining and extraction. Previously where the mining companies generally avoided working just because of the risk involved or the uncertainties in the drilling or mining levels, now even in those places also, mining can quickly be done, and this is possible just because of MWD companies.

MWD companies help in getting the mining companies to permit from the government by estimation of the risk factors involved in mining operations. They also help in finding essential and accurate measurements which is very necessary for mining and extraction.

List of major MWD Companies

There are a lot of MWD companies which are engaged in the measurements while drilling activities in mining operations. Major MWD equipment companies are known for their work worldwide are:

  • Cougar Drilling Solutions
  • National Oilwell Varco
  • Bench Tree
  • Asian Oilfield services limited
  • Gyro data Inc
  • Wellserv Australia Pvt. Limited
  • Valiant Energy services
  • Target well control

A lot of resources have been spread all over India, and their extraction is essential for the development and growth of our Nation. In the extraction and drilling options, MWD companies have contributed a lot. Some major MWD companies in India are:

  • Greka drilling
  • OFI India
  • Jindal corporations
  • Magnus RSS
  • Terra directional services


MWD companies importance has grown with the new scope of the mining and new technologies coming in the market, which can help in comfortable detecting of minerals beneath the earth’s surface. MWD companies work together with mining companies and support the mining companies to know the perfect conditions for mining.

MWD companies or measurement while drilling companies have made the mining process more comfortable, safer and more accurate. Thus we say that the coming of the MWD companies have entirely revolutionized the mining and drilling works and thus helped in better and safer extraction of the minerals, hydrocarbons and other resources from the earth.

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