Tata Hexa – Affordable Luxury


When it comes to the automobile market, one of the most successful companies which have maintained its pristine status in the eye of the customer happens to be Tata. On the merit of its sheer quality and phenomenal performance, vehicles manufactured by this Indian behemoth are simply par excellence. The all new Tata Hexa has turned out to be one of the most brilliant automobiles which Tata has crafted so far. Take a look at the following reasons why it is so:

Stylish Front Grille:

One of the most significant design features which the Tata Hexa boasts of is the impeccable and prominent grille right at the front of the vehicle. The grille is dual colored which gives it an extraordinarily accentuated look. The grille which has been fit into the Tata Hexa is the iconic Tata grille. Further on, this grille has been highlighted with a chrome humanity line which gives it a refreshing and bold look.

Strikingly Good Looking Head Lamps 

The next fascinating feature of the Tata Hexa lies in the impeccable daytime running lights which the vehicle consists of. Giving it an extremely modern and fashionable look, the daytime running lights allow your vehicle to immediately get highlighted from the rest of the cars on the street. The daytime running lamps are ice cube patterned and have been beautifully designed along with the fashionable fog lamps.

When it comes to performance, the Tata Hexa can thrill any individual who is passionate about a great drive. Take a look at the following features pertaining to the performance of the Tata Hexa which makes it so incredibly lucrative:

Phenomenally Powerful Engine

The heart of the performance of the Tata Hexa lies in the engine which it uses.  Considered as one of the industry’s finest performing machines, the VARICOR 400 engine is bound to give you the drive of a lifetime. This intricate piece of machinery is the futuristic next-gen 2.2L VARICOR 400 diesel engine combined to six-speed automatic and manual transmission plus consequently, is able to deliver a breathtaking four hundred nautical miles of torque plus one hundred and fifty-six horsepower.

Various Drive Modes

One of the major features when it comes to the performance of this incredible automobile is the array of driving modes which it offers to the customer. Ranging from Auto, Comfort, Dynamic to Rough Road, your Tata Hexa is equipped to take over any terrain!

Top Notch Automatic Transmission 

Driving becomes an absolute pleasure with the Tata Hexa due to its exceptional and modernized automatic transmission mechanism. The vehicle offers a six-speed automatized transmission with a range of modes for you to select from. These include sports along with race car, with the option for you to transfer to a manual shift.

This reading only incorporates the tip of an ice-berg which makes this incredible vehicle from Tata such a fascinating automobile which customers from different corners of the nation has loved driving and are opting for the fantastic performance offered by this spectacular car from the one and only Tata!

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