Syracuse Auto Loans: Everything you Need to Know About Car Loans


Choosing the right truck or car is a difficult decision, and you need a lot of research to make sure your money will not go to waste. But if you are planning to apply for a loan or borrow money to purchase your next car or truck, and after you have determined how much you need to spend, you need to study the lending company or the bank’s terms and conditions as carefully as possible because every lender has different terms and loan model. Here are the things you need to know to make sure you will make the right decision when it comes to borrowing money for a car loan.

Get your car loan pre-approved

A lot of car dealers are keen to offer people who are looking for a new car or truck financing, but you can get a better rate and price for the vehicle if you go to the negotiating table with a pre-approved loan by the lending company or the bank of your choice.

Know how much you are willing to spend for a vehicle

There may be a significant difference between how much the lending companies or the bank will allow you to borrow and how much you need to borrow. Knowing the difference between the two is as simple as knowing your situation financially, how much you are earning each month, how much is left after paying all your bills and how much you are willing to pay for a brand new vehicle without breaking your bank account.

When you are budgeting, you need to consider spending not more than 15% of your take-home salary on the cost of owning a car or truck. You need to remember that the vehicle’s total cost of owning a car is more than the monthly payment. The total cost will include the insurance policy, the maintenance cost, gas and even your parking cost. Also, you have to factor in the anticipated changes in your monthly income for the next few years. It includes bonuses as well as the cost of living adjustments.

You need to be careful of the long-term loans

One of the most significant choices you will make is how long it will take for you to pay back the car loan. Usually, the recommended term period for a car loan is 60 months. The longer the loan’s term, the lower the monthly premium the borrower can get. What are long-term loans or debt? Visit to find out more.

Longer loan term sounds great until you realize that you will end up paying more over time because of the interest rate. With longer loan term, you will also increase the risk of owning more money on the car more than it is worth because although the market price of the vehicle will stay the same, every month you are paying an interest rate until you paid the full loan amount.

The borrower’s credit score or credit rating matters

Just like most types of loans, the interest rate of your loan and most especially the approval to borrow will depend on your credit score, credit rating or your loan history. You need to keep in mind that when lending companies or the bank advertises a low-interest rate, it could be only applicable for borrowers with good credit score or loan history.

Finally, you have to weigh in 0% loan offering with rebates and compare them with other options to know what the best deal that suits your monthly income. Usually, it is best for you financially if you get a cash rebate than get a loan with a lower interest rate.

Loan interest rates only mean that much

There are more than interest rates to consider. Always make sure to look all the angles and check the total interest expense over the loan term. Since it may take a few years before you can pay the full amount of your debt, you need to evaluate the bank or the lending company’s reputation when it comes to providing good or quality service when it comes to servicing and setting up your car loan.

Consider all your options when it comes to insurance

There is a good chance that the bank or the lending company will offer you some insurance options like credit life insurance which will pay your car loan in case you die. Make sure to check the overall insurance needs in case of disability or death and determine which of the insurance options is best for you. You can also shop around other options that are not given by your lender before deciding to commit.

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