Most Common Problems for Product Managers and How to Handle Them


Are you concerned that you’re spending too much of your time managing unexpected problems in product development? You aren’t alone.

Studies show that many product managers spend 52% of their time putting out unplanned fires. This is time that doesn’t go towards advancing the development of your product.

If you’re one of the many product managers who have issues getting your team on the same page, there are a few tips you can use to get things running smoothly. Below are common product management issues managers face and how to solve those problems.

Bad Market Fit

Even if you have a great product, spending time in development is pointless if you don’t have a customer willing to pay money. You’ll need to talk to customers beforehand to figure out if you have something worth paying for.

The first time to reach out to customers is before you start the development process. Talk to your ideal customer to see what they think of your product idea. You’ll learn if it’s worth further investment and get ideas that will help improve your offering.

It’s also smart to keep in touch with customers during the development process. Give your customers test versions of your product to see what they think. When customers can get hands-on with a product, it’s easier for them to find issues and improvements. These are things you might not consider when your product is in the starting phases.

Engineering Constraints

Anyone can create a great idea and claim that it will change everything. The question is, can a team of engineers and developers actually make the product a stakeholder wants?

You’ll face many engineering dependencies and constraints when meeting your stakeholder’s demands. Make sure you meet with them beforehand so you can get ahead of these problems.

You can avoid dealing with future problems by figuring out your issues ahead of time. Your meetings with stakeholders will help you figure them out and create solutions for potential issues.

Communication Barriers

You can’t launch a successful project without excellent communication. You need to coordinate between several different departments and make sure each of them meets their deadlines. Without a streamlined communication system, this won’t be possible.

Luckily, there are many project management systems available to manage your project. Anyone can log into your system to determine what tasks need to be completed and the project’s status.

Unfortunately, the problem is worse when you’re an international company. If you work with people who don’t speak English as their first language, small nuances in communication can be lost. The same is true when you’re localizing your product for other languages.

Check out this blog post to learn more about localization and how it benefits your customers and team.

Product Managers Have Their Work Cut Out for Them

It isn’t easy to manage a team and keep them working together smoothly. Product managers need to use every tip they can to get the most out of their team. Make sure to use the advice above to keep your product team working efficiently.

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