Lowell Cafe, America’s First Weed Restaurant, Opens in Los Angeles


Until recently, the idea that Americans could go to a gourmet restaurant and consume weed at their table would have sounded impossible. With the grand opening of the Lowell Cafe, the first weed restaurant in the United States, this exact scenario is coming to Los Angeles. California was one of the early adopters of the trend of legalizing marijuana, which makes this state a natural fit for becoming the home of the first weed restaurant. The owner of Lowell Cafe is Lowell Farms, a company that is well-known in the industry for its line of cannabis products that is available at dispensaries all over California. Weed enthusiasts are rejoicing at this new opportunity to enjoy the open consumption of marijuana in the communal setting of a beautiful gourmet restaurant.

The Lowell Cafe Weed Experience

As America’s first weed restaurant, Lowell Cafe aims to provide the best possible weed consumption experience. Patrons will have access to pesticide-free marijuana that they can vape or smoke pre-rolled, from a bong, or in a pipe. Lowell Cafe believes that weed should get the same treatment as alcohol, in the sense that it should be consumed in a fun, lively, social environment. The restaurant also offers patrons the expert guidance from their staff who can curate the perfect weed experience, in the tradition of bartenders and sommeliers. Lowell Cafe expects to become a popular event destination for the entertainment industry, providing a completely unique setting for a record release or after-party. The restaurant will also be hosting its own special events, including live music, stand-up comedy and other forms of live entertainment. Lowell Cafe offers Americans the first opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy the open consumption of both weed and gourmet food.

The Ethics of America’s First Weed Restaurant 

Lowell Farms weed is grown without pesticides and packaged using recycled paper. The company also prides itself on paying farmers a fair wage. This spirit of corporate responsibility is reflected in how the Lowell Cafe was built and will operate. The physical construction of the restaurant included tables and benches made of recycled wood and the commissioning of local artisans that contributed several elements of the decor. Produce for the Lowell Cafe is being sourced from local, organic farms. Having this practice ensures both a smaller ecological footprint and fresh flavors that will pair well with the consumption of weed.

Lowell Cafe’s Gourmet Food 

For now, there are laws against providing foods infused by cannabis in a restaurant setting. Instead, celebrity Chef Andrea Drummer designed the restaurant’s menu with a focus on flavorful classics. The idea is to provide wonderful meals that combine well with taste buds that have been enhanced by smoking or vaping weed. Lowell Cafe will have distinct areas, including a dining space and a lounge that is specifically for consuming marijuana. However, the patrons in the weed lounge can order their food delivered to them from the dining area, allowing them to enjoy the authentic weed restaurant experience. The farm-to-table cuisine of Lowell Cafe will include favorites like fried chicken sandwiches, candied bacon, homemade s’ mores, and a white bean hummus.

Lowell Farms is already prominent in the marijuana community for having ethical business practices and offering innovative products like the popular CBD Smokes. The opening of the Lowell Cafe is an exciting development that will allow patrons to consume their weed without stigma and then enjoy fine dining with enhanced taste buds. The restaurant has been met with so much anticipation that there are no more available reservations for the entire first month.























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