Is technology good for our well-being?


Revolution in technology

Because of revolution in technology, it is becoming a major source of communication and collaboration between the peoples worldwide. Business companies are using technology in their offices for business procedures and convenient communications. Business organizations getting enormous profit because the use of technology also expanding business worldwide. Technology is also playing a key role in the education system. The medical field has affected by technology. Where technology is affecting every sector of life, our society and personal lifestyles have changed also.

Different use of technology

At least 6.8 billion of peoples are using mobile technology while our total population is 7.1 billion according to the international communication union. Through the technology, peoples now able to get the information of share market, farmers can acquire the weather report also being able to access the international market. Small business gaining profit in their short and little budget because of internationals buyers. Approximately every field of life getting enormous profit because the innovation in technology.

Technology devices

Near about, 4 billion of peoples connected with each other online. In the connectivity between peoples, technology devices such as iPads, tablets playing a main role. Business organizations and individuals who wants to use these devices for their purposes, but they can’t afford it. Usually, they preferred to hire the iPad from iPad hire companies at a very cheap price for a short terms of the period.

Technology became an essential key for peoples in their daily life work and activities. Life without technology will be inferior dream for every human being.

Now we will discuss technology is good for human being or not.

  • Education
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • HealthCare


In older era, peoples used textbook only as a learning tools and neither students have resources to get education from across the world nor the ways to increase the attention of students towards the education. But after the innovation in technology devices such as computers, iPads and laptops, learning methods and behavior has changed. Now students can get the education from all over the world at any time. Technology enhanced the student’s capability to acquire the education, knowledge and skills in significant field. E-learning is becoming popular now a days. Students are getting benefits from the technology. It all becomes possible because of technology. Students can get the enormous profit from numerous ways if they use the technology in right way.

Communication and Collaboration

Communication was always an issue not for just individuals also for business firms. People want to communicate with each other. For this purpose, peoples used social media. As we already mentioned, approximately 4 billion peoples today connected with each other and share the ideas and information. Peoples want to see the world as a global village where accessibility shouldn’t be matter for anyone and because of technology humanity has succeed. Also, employees of business organizations can share their work and information with other employees at the work place and also enhance the relationship with their customers. Again, for this purpose companies used iPad, as we already discussed companies take the Tablet on rent from Reliable Tablet Hire companiesrather than buy and use it in their offices for better and enormous results through the business.

The major invention of technology is virtual reality. VR finished the distance between peoples and their goals and make the communication and collaboration very simple and convenient. So we can’t deny the importance of technology in our daily life.


Now doctors have better equipment to diagnose the patient disease and can give them the good treatment which patient needs. Technology is playing a key role in the healthcare field. Millions of people’s life had saved and enjoying their lives with their beloved ones because of technology. So how can we say that technology is no good for human life?

In short, we can say that there will be no life without technology. Technology is necessary for human life like food and air.

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