How Well Do You Know Your Community Industrial Tech?


At some point in your life, you may think about what it means to be a city planner. Starting with a blank space out in nature, how do you think people moved from building a house to building a neighborhood to building a community? Step-by-step, lots of fascinating things had happened, and much of it has to do with some subset of industrial technology.

Think of a few examples to get yourself brainstorming in the right direction about this topic. What kind of industrial tech is required for road construction? Once a community is starting to be built, how you approach the idea of wastewater management and treatment? If something goes wrong with your sewer systems or plumbing, that can be catastrophic for an individual, let alone an entire suburb.

And finally, there’s a lot of industrial technology that goes into the implementation and regulation of building codes. How big can certain things be, anyway? City planners have to understand all the details concerning these topics, because their decisions create long-term consequences, be they positive or negative.

Road Construction

The first thing to think of when it comes to community industrial tech would be road construction. Do you know what it takes to build a simple paved road? Do you know what kind of effort and engineering and time and money it takes to put down the main street in a city and have all of the associated aspects of it taken care of? A road isn’t just a road. It’s a sidewalk, it’s storm drains, and it’s electrical systems and other plumbing. There are cables to consider and gas pipelines everywhere. It’s a colossal job preparing for and then implementing road construction.

Wastewater Management and Treatment

Another big part of community development comes from clean water methods and treatment chemicals that are pillars of the process of keeping sanitary water flowing throughout neighborhoods and cities. Any kind of error when it comes to wastewater management and treatment can have significant consequences. People can get sick in some cases if wastewater treatment is not done properly. City planners and community managers are in charge of making sure wastewater treatment is regularly tested, as human health always has to be a priority.

  • Building Codes

Have you ever wondered where building codes come from? It is an interesting aspect of technology. When engineers find out what kind of buildings can be safely built, city managers then have to figure out how to put the puzzle pieces together when it comes to how tall buildings can be. There is also the matter of any other sort of construction regulations.before building codes, conditions could be extremely unsafe, and communities could end up looking terrible as well as feeling bad.

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