How To Make Paystubs: Your Guide on Proof of Income


These days, more and more people are working online due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and even more, are working as freelancers or contractors who are self-employed.

As of five years ago, over ten percent of America was self-employed and that has risen significantly to nearly 30 percent since. Being an entrepreneur is a difficult task; you have to set your own hours and you get paid based on the hours you put in.

Another task you must complete as a self-employed worker is creating proof of income. This is made more difficult by the fact that you pay yourself. So you must know how to make paystubs.

If you don’t know how to make these, here’s a quick guide of what you could use to create one for your eventual tax declarations

Proving Your Income

A paystub is simply proof of income, and you may not even need an actual paystub to deal with things that said proof. There are many ways you can prove your worth. But if you really want a paystub, then check out the most reliable check stub creator online.

Use Invoices

Using invoices as proof is a great way to prove your income. Invoices are the most frequently used by self-employed individuals that details the work that has been done and what has been paid to you.

This can prove to be messy though if you are rather unorganized. But most people keep these digital now. Therefore you can figure out ways to have them digitally accessible rather than dealing with a cluster of papers.

Use Tax Returns

This is another means to prove that you have money coming in. As a self-employed person, you are required to file for a 1099-MISC which is different than W-2 or W-4 forms. This form is required if you have made more than $10 in any royalties or $600 in payments from your clients.

However, this has to have tenure behind it; some landlords and lenders might ask for more than just the previous year’s returns. Therefore this is only good if you have done this method for multiple years previously.

Use Bank Statements

Bank statements can work but they do come with significant drawbacks. The person you have to show this to will be able to look at your income, but they will also have access to see everything you have purchased.

This method may be better as a complementary piece to your arsenal than for it to be featured. If you have no problem with people seeing what you spend your money on then this will be okay for you.

How to Make Paystubs the Right Way

Knowing how to make paystubs is important to prove your income for taxes and other important documents. Being a self-employed entrepreneur can be difficult, and you shouldn’t make it more so by making your taxes a hassle.

Make your life and your work easier and create paystubs for yourself. You will thank yourself later.

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