FAQ By Tobacco Users While Looking For The Best Life Insurance


Are you one of the people who smoke a cigar, cigarettes, a pipe, e-cigarettes, chew tobacco, or just smoke marijuana? Also, are you looking for the right life insurance for you or you still think that life insurance is not made for the smokers then you are absolutely wrong?

There are n number of life insurance organizations that are offering different life insurance plans, especially for smokers. Now the question arises which life insurance is the best for you.

Here comes our helping hand. Being a smoker who is looking for a life insurance plan, you can check the following list of frequently asked questions asked by smokers while choosing an option for them.

So keep reading this article and hopefully, this post will help you find the right one for you, and then you can suggest to someone that here is company offering the best life insurance for tobacco users.

Can I apply for life insurance if I smoke cigarettes?

Yes, absolutely. You are still approved for life insurance if you smoke any of the products. As a smoke, you will apply for smoke life insurance and can get rates from different companies. Whether you are using Preferred or Standard Tobacco depending on your health, any life insurance agent that will give the good rates

If I smoke Cigar, does it affect life insurance?

Yes, you can get the life insurance with cigars but the insurance rates will vary here. There will be some kind of medical exam for finding nicotine traces. If you enjoy the cigar on an occasional basis then there will be no trace to a little trace of nicotine while medical examination. Please go through the different rates and compare them before finalizing one of them.

If I quit smoking, can I save on my life insurance?

It depends from company to company as some of the life insurance companies support this. Once you quit smoking then you can re-apply for life insurance and then you can enjoy much cheaper rates due to non-smoker life insurance rates. For example, some companies say that you should be a non-smoker for at least one year once you quit smoking, and then only you will be eligible for reapplying.

So you can save bucks plus get rid of this bad habit at the same time.

Can marijuana or its products affect life insurance rates?

If you check with recent years’ development then you can find the people and life insurance industry has changed their rules for marijuana use rapidly for adopting government legal changes for marijuana use. 

All marijuana users who apply for life insurance will be asked to take a smoker risk class. But few of the companies will offer non-smoker rates.

So these were a few questions that can help you find the best life insurance plans for any of the tobacco users. So think, read different policies and then choose the right one for you. Please do share your comments and feedback regarding this article with us.

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