Don’t Start a Commercial Cleaning Business Until You Read This


Do you know the first question aspiring entrepreneurs should ask if they don’t know where to start?

It’s “What am I good at?”

You might find that surprising, especially if you’ve always known what type of business you want to put up. But some people don’t realize that their unique skills and talents could be turned into a business. For example, cleaning.

Some folks are quite good at it, but perhaps, the thought of starting a cleaning business is something they’ve never entertained. Now, if you’re the opposite and want to start a commercial cleaning business, that’s awesome. You can skip the first part of the planning process, which is defining the type of cleaning business you want to run.

That said, here’s a starting a cleaning business checklist for anyone wanting to break into the industry.

Decide Between Buying a Cleaning Business or Starting an Independent Company

One advantage of buying a cleaning business is you can get started quickly. If you buy a franchise, for instance, you don’t need to brainstorm a name for your company. You also don’t have to think too hard about the services you must offer, as these are already defined by the franchisor.

However, buying a franchise could be very expensive, so if you’re more interested in learning how to start a cleaning business from scratch, it’s understandable. Just know that if you want to do things your way, you can’t forget about the essentials.

Take Note of the Essentials

From choosing a business name to deciding the right business structure to registering your business, and so on, make sure you don’t miss any important tasks. If you feel overwhelmed, though, it’s a good idea to consult a lawyer and an accountant.

Another must-have for your cleaning business is insurance. You can click here to know more about choosing a policy that’s right for your company.

Don’t Start a Commercial Cleaning Business Without Understanding Your Value Proposition

How do you plan to make your cleaning company stand out from the crowd? Are there services you plan to offer that can give you an edge over your competition?

Before you buy cleaning supplies, equipment, etc., think about your target market. Maybe you can focus on specific businesses (e.g., offices or hospitals). Or maybe you can distinguish your brand by using green cleaning products.

Do the Math to Determine How You’ll Price Your Services

You can’t charge too much or your clients will look for another company that offers more reasonable prices. But you also can’t lower your prices to the point where you’ll find it hard to make a profit.

With the help of an accountant, do your best to come up with a pricing structure that’s agreeable to your customers and will generate income for your business.

Market Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Even before launching your business, you should have a website, plus official accounts on the most popular social media platforms.

You should also look into printing traditional marketing materials such as flyers, brochures, and business cards. You can also grow your business faster if you make sure to get testimonials and referrals from your customers.

Ready to Buy or Start a Cleaning Business?

Now that you know the basics of how to start a commercial cleaning business, do you think you’ll be buying a franchise or starting an independent company?

For more tips and advice on starting a business, don’t hesitate to check out our other posts.

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