Business Benefits – The Advantages of Utilising a Co-working Space


With the co-working trend in full swing, professionals are finding they have the opportunity to work in any number of locations in and around some of Australia’s most wealthy cities. More than just being a hip alternative to traditional office leasing, the co-working space is becoming popular for its versatility. Whether working in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, or another of Australia’s cities, the co-working space affords professionals with a built-in network, an inexpensive space to work, and numerous opportunities to build their business.

The co-working space works to provide professionals with the use of office space and its amenities but at a much-reduced rate than with conventional leases. Check out Servcorp Australia’s co-working site at to learn about this space’s cost. This office set up is attractive to many professionals because it can also be a hub where social interaction intersects with business. However, there are a plethora of advantages to using the co-working space.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of the co-working space and how this office solution can benefit your business.

Affordable Office Space

The primary benefit of the co-working space to professionals is its cost-effectiveness. Since businesses only pay for using a desk (hot desk or dedicated desk), their monthly costs are drastically reduced. Utilities and other office equipment are already included, so renters only pay one bill.

This office set up also alleviates expensive initial start-up costs, since the renter is only required to make a much lower down payment, sometimes as low as a month’s rent. It also alleviates having to spend money on installation costs related to cable, internet and phone amenities, and it negates the use of even looking for office furniture. More significantly, many of the plans do not require businesses commit to a protracted lease, some being as short as a month.


The cost-effectiveness of the co-working space is one of the reasons why professionals can afford to work in some of the most prestigious locations in the city. Many of these offices sit in the middle, or near to, bustling business districts around the world, so if working in Sydney or Melbourne or in some of the other international metropolises, you can actually manage the rents in places where leases are typically expensive, outrageously so in some cases.

For many businesses, being centrally located or being in a place where industry is an integral part of the location is extremely important and the co-working space makes it viable for fledgeling businesses to do so, almost levelling the playing for smaller outfits.

Nurturing Environment 

One of the great benefits of co-working is that it is a place that places emphasis on community, and community that encourages industry. Of the many benefits, being able to interact on a daily basis with people from diverse industries promotes the kind of networking that naturally leads to other opportunities, primarily collaborative ones. In fact, some pretty big names have come out of co-working collaborations, namely Uber and Instagram. With the overriding principle of collaboration over competition, the co-working space is a safe place for professionals to take chances, to learn from mistakes, and to promote their business.

Professionals also can take advantage of opportunities to grow their business through the numerous incubator programs that teach businesses how to really gain the competitive advantage. While some require participants pay a fee, these programs can be a valuable investment in the growth of your business. In all, the co-working space can be a comfortable, familiar place where professionals have free-reign while being given support.

The Business Advantages of Co-Working 

These are just a few of the advantages of coworking. As a relatively new office format, the co-working space can zap the doldrums of working at home by providing your business with a comfortable space and vibrant community in which to work. Ultimately, professionals gain more than the small amount spent on rent every month.

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