Are Online Courses Available for the Boeing 737 Max?


You can learn how to fly the B737 Max by enrolling in a computer-based training course. There are many different training programs for the B737, which will teach you all about the Boeing company, its wide range of aircrafts, and everything about the B737 Max. Some of the Boeing 737 Max courses you can sign up for include:

Max Initial and Recurrent Training

The modules in this training program can be used for recurrent and initial aircraft systems training.

B737-NG to B737 Max Differences Training

The training program covers systems knowledge for the B737 NG including the 700, 800, and 900 models to the B737 Max, including the 8/9 differences.

B737-Max Interactive Aircraft Systems Diagrams

The interactive Aircraft Systems Diagrams enable the students to have a hands-on learning experience because it allows all the instructors and students to manipulate the cockpit controls and learn how the systems diagram reacts. This allows the learners to learn in a real-time, scenario-based environment. In addition, the instructors do not need to teach three-dimensional systems using two-dimensional tools like chalkboard drawings and posters. This is because the Interactive Aircraft Systems allow the student to not only learn but also practice and operate the aircraft systems in a way that enables him or her to get the actual experience.

FMS Skills Training

This FMS skills trainer has standard procedure lessons to teach students important CDU skills before starting simulator training. In addition, different modes of operation like demo, practice, and performance allow the students to not only practice but also master key skills. It also enables instructors to establish whether the students have retained the knowledge.

Cockpit Procedures Training

These procedures can teach students the triggers and flows before beginning the simulator training.

Walk Around Training

This training enables the students to get a three-dimensional pre-flight walk-around training.

Advantages of online training programs for the B737 Max

When you enroll in an online course, you will not be sharing the classroom with only a few students, but with hundreds of students who have broad backgrounds. For instance, you can share the classroom with lawyers, aircraft mechanics, aircraft designers, and flight simulator engineers. These students have in-depth information, knowledge, and experience about aircrafts, which you can learn just by interacting with them. You will access accurate and updated learning content since the course instructors can easily edit and update the content online. This is not like a book, where the author has printed many books and has to sell them first before printing a new one. You will start and end the online training when you are ready. You will also go at your own pace while learning the course content. Therefore, you can complete the course in a few weeks or months. In addition, you will save your time and money because you don’t need to commute to and from the physical ground school since you can access the course materials online wherever you are.


In conclusion, you can access online courses like FMS Skills Training, Walk Around Training, Cockpit Procedures Training, B737-Max Interactive Aircraft Systems Diagrams, B737-NG to B737 Max Differences Training, and Max Initial and Recurrent Training.

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