A Few Interesting Facts about History of Pearl Diving in the UAE


Today we recognize UAE as the major oil producer in the world however many are not aware the ancient history about pearl diving. Following are few important things that you must know about past of UAE’s pearl diving business.

Pearl diving was there for 7000 years back

UAE’s history about pearl diving is very ancient and the evidence was found by archaeologists which date back to 7000 years back. It was famous during Roman times too and during 1100 Ras AI Khaimah was known for major pearl industry.

UAE’s pearls were sold far and wide

The UAE pearl was traded in various places of the world e.g. India, Sri Lanka, Rome, Venice and also evidence of UAE pearls found in Scandinavia too.

Pearl diving was a major source of income

Before oil boom, UAE had a thriving business with pearl and people made lots of money out of pearls. Local people were full time engaged with pearl diving and many families of UAE can trace back their fortune that their forefathers made out of pearl diving.

Cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai for pearl diving

It is just because of pearl business many families moved to these two coastal towns of Abu Dhabi and Dubai so that they can remain near their work place. This is the history of foundation of these two cities.

Rich social system and tradition started from pearl diving business

Pearl diving was and also still considered as one of the traditional business of UAE. Even during the 20th century, this kind of traditional pearl diving was continued till Mikimoto pearls came into the world market.

Pearl diving was not an easy job

It was not really an easy task to dive under the sea by using their traditional tools to handle pearl diving. Only very strong people could perform such jobs. Many divers were drowned or attacked by sharks too.

International brand of pearl was based on UAE pearls

Though pearls may be no longer an important commodity of UAE now however the best quality of pearls are still compared with any UAE pearls.

Artificial Japanese Pearls replaced UAE pearls

During 1900, Japanese found out the process of making artificial pearls which has totally replaced the pearls of UAE.

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