12 Money Saving Tips for students for Their Travel Plans


Students often have to travel to other states and sometimes to other countries as well. Higher studies, student exchange programmes, and internship are some of the common reasons behind such trips. Regardless of the reason behind, one thing is true that students travel with a limited amount of cash in their pocket. They have a limited budget, within which they need to manage everything. This is why students do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to saving money on their travel plans.

When it comes to travelling on a tight budget, there are a few important aspects every student needs to focus on. Through this article, we will help you know about a few tips you can follow for your travel plans. So, let us take a quick look at them.

  1. Plan early

You must have noticed that prices of the air tickets and even hotel rooms are usually low when there is a considerable amount of gap between the date of booking and the journey date. As we move closer, we see an upsurge in the prices. So, if you are planning to visit some other city or country, you must book your rail or air tickets as early as possible. Similarly, if you are going to stay in a hotel or a dormitory, you must book your accommodation in advance.

  1. Travel in a group, if possible

When you travel in a group, the cost of travelling, food, and even accommodation is shared among all. In this way, you end saving some good amount of money. Rather than travelling alone, it is better to include your friends too. You may also get the advantage of group discounts.

  1. Buy a student health insurance plan

Health insurance plans have become too important these days. They protect you financially. When you are in a different state/country, having a health insurance policy can be quite useful. If you fall sick, the policy will cover your medical and healthcare expenses.

  1. Buy a student travel insurance

If you want to get the best kind of protection, you should buy a student travel insurance plan. This kind of insurance policy covers not just your medical expenses but other aspects as well. If you lose your vital documents or luggage, the policy will cover the cost of its recovery/replacement. In this regard, HDFC Ergo is one of the best options you can go for.

  1. Choose a suitable location for accommodation

Whenever you visit a new city, you aren’t aware of its local routes and transportation services. If you do not want to end up spending a lot on travelling from one part of the city to the other, you must book your accommodation somewhere in the middle of the city.

  1. Learn self-control

Students are not as wise as a grown-up man or woman when it comes to managing their finances. They are always ready to spend their money on unnecessary things. This is why you need to spend your cash wisely.

  1. Carry some OTC medicines

A lot of people tend to fall sick when they travel to different places. If you are more likely to suffer from indigestion, cough and cold, headache, etc. then you must keep some over-the-counter medicines in your travel bag. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot on them.

  1. Plan your itinerary ahead of time

If you are travelling just for fun and leisure, you must plan your itinerary in advance. You might be tempted to go to different places, and explore almost every attraction in the town. But, if you end up doing so, you might regret later.

  1. Exchange your currency before you go

If you are travelling abroad, it is better to exchange your money before leaving your country. It will help you get the best exchange rate for your money.

  1. Use a local guide app

In today’s times, you don’t need to hire a local guide to seek directions and helpful travelling tips. You can find many smartphone apps that can be used for getting real-time information. When you use such apps, it becomes easier for you to take the shortest and the best routes to travel across the city/state. As a result, you end up saving some good amount of money.

  1. Look for online discount coupons

Be it eating a restaurant or simply having a cup of coffee at a cafeteria, you can find plenty of deals and discounts in the online world. All you have to do is look for them. Students are particularly more aware of these deals.

  1. Eat and stay healthy

Healthy eating habits can keep you away from sickness, and we all know that falling sick would be the last thing you would want to happen during your trip. So, always keep an eye on what you eat and drink.










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