Cut Costs with These 10 Manufacturing Apps


Did you know that there are over 560,000 manufacturing businesses in the USA at this time?

Many people have taken advantage of favorable economic conditions in recent years to start manufacturing the product of their dreams. However, in the COVID-19 hit world of today, economic conditions have changed. Now people are looking to cut as many costs as possible.

Have you considered using manufacturing apps to lower your costs? Why not check out our list of apps that are available to help you do this.

  1. American Manufacturing

As economies and world conditions change on a daily basis, so does manufacturing. If you are in the manufacturing industry it will pay to stay up to date and prepare to roll with the economic punches.

American Manufacturing is an app that provides information regarding the latest developments. It covers all aspects of the manufacturing process and shares this information by means of updates to your iPhone.

  1. 5S-Lean Audit Checklist

The goal of all manufacturers is to build greater efficiency into each stage of the supply chain and manufacturing process.

This app provides a checklist that helps you to assess your processes in terms of the 5S Lean Management method. In connection with this, the app will provide suggestions regarding lean tools and initiatives that could help you draw closer to your efficiency goals.

When considering financial efficiency, don’t forget to consider state and federal support. Government-led strategies such as capital allowance claims can help you to stay afloat financially during times of severe downturn.

  1. Marketing and Sales Opportunity Assessment Tool

In addition to analyzing current efficiency, each manufacturer is searching for new and innovative ways to expand their operations.

This mobile form app allows you to input key information about your current sales strategies. It will then return to you the areas that you should target in future campaigns or areas to improve.

This app is flexible and allows for businesses and manufacturers of different types to enter their data and receive a custom evaluation.

  1. Food Safety HACCP Basic Compliance Checklist

Food production and manufacturing requires a different and often far more stringent approach. to efficiency.

The Food Safety HAACP Basic Compliance Checklist application can help you to consider not only efficiency but also the safety of your processes. It offers a point to point assessment tool that allows you to monitor the movement of food within your facility.

  1. Manufacturing 360

Developed by manufacturing and engineering behemoth Siemens, Manufacturing 360 is an app that provides an immersive look at the manufacturing processes.

If you are looking for advice or inspiration why not turn to the stories and success page where industry experts share their wisdom. If you are looking to build experience, why not follow its classroom-style education opportunities.

This is an app that may not analyze your manufacturing process. However, it will improve your skills and motivation to help you compete effectively in the manufacturing market.

  1. 5S Audit Form

If your goal is to perform a lean transformation and adhere more closely to lean philosophies, the 5S Audit Form application can help you.

Available for both Apple and Android devices, it will walk you through every step of the 5S approach. You will be able to perform Lean audits from the palm of your hand. These audits will help you to increase the level of efficiency and organization in your workplace.

  1. Efficiency Energy Audit Checklist

This application will take into account the multiple systems that are working in your factory and help you to run them cost-effectively. These will include HVAC systems.

This extensive app can provide checklists for:

  • Room-by-Room Report
  • Facility Conservation Program
  • Internal Checks
  • External Checks
  • Facilities Issues
  • Pre-Holiday Shutdown Procedures

As you input data into the app it will provide readouts with recommendations for efficient management of energy in these locations.

  1. Internal Quality Audit (IQA) Report

Do you dread the paperwork that comes with an audit? Why not free yourself from this paperwork and save some trees by employing the IQA application?

This helpful app helps you to track the audit through its different stages. This means that you spend less time on paperwork and more time on your manufacturing goals.

As you analyze each stage, you can envision how small changes will speed up the audit process. This level of transparency and efficiency will be warmly welcomed by your accounting department.

  1. Manufacturing MRP

The Manufacturing MRP application is an extensive manufacturing management tool. It allows you to control, plan, schedule, and do multiple other manufacturing management tasks from the palm of your hand.

If you would like to get real-time data based on current operations and use this when conducting meetings, you can. Would you like to monitor changes in quality or speed on the shop-floor, you can do this and create worksheets on the basis of this data.

This app is truly powerful. This is seen by its range of API options that interact with manufacturing machinery. It will work with them to extract data regarding their performance.

You can host this software in your facility or access it from a cloud location via a device or computer. MRP is one solution for many complex tasks and integrates with Purchase, PLM, and other quality assurance apps.

  1. Warehouse Management and Inspection Mobile App

If you have a large warehousing and storage facility attached to your factory, then efficient use of this space is a real priority. The Warehouse Management and Inspection Application can help you.

It provides warehouse management and item tracking functionality that can save you hours of labor. While it tracks all the items that enter and leaves your warehouse, it feeds back the information that it accrues into a central database.

This data is then available for analysis. The analytics that you receive from this can help you to analyze each step of your warehouse process. This includes your workforce needs, supply chain inefficiencies, and even customer satisfaction levels. This is a truly comprehensive solution for warehouse managers.

The Best Manufacturing Apps Available and Much More

If you are in the manufacturing trade, monitoring your costs and expenses is a crucial step. The principles that we have discussed today, will help you to employ the latest manufacturing apps to gather this information.

The world of retail and manufacturing is constantly changing. Why not take a few minutes to catch up with the latest developments. We write and publish articles each week to help keep you up to date.

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