Bullet proof Ways to Succeed at Your Career


Want to aspire great things in this lifetime, both personally and professionally? When it comes to your career, it’s easy to find issues in your current job that make you unhappy. Why? Because no job in this world is “perfect.” Sure, one job may be better suited for you than any other option, however you’ll never reach true happiness if you don’t stop sweating the small stuff and paying more attention to everything you have to be grateful about your career.

Smart Career Tips For Growth

It’s like when you need to remove those blue blocker glasses after a long day of work, you know intuitively that it’s your time to go home. You’ve done your best at work, given it your maximum productivity, and now you’ll be on your happy way away from the television or computer screen and relaxing with a book pool-side. For those that feel they can never take off those blue blocker eyeglasses and replace them for the rosey-type, ten here are some tips that you need to resolve to follow throughout your entire career.

Forgive Yourself for Having a Bad Day

It’s normal: sometimes you’ll have a bad day at work. It feels like you’ve made mistake after mistake, and you wish you could leave the office early and hide in a deep, dark, blue hole where no one can ever find you. You are human, and therefore you will screw up every once and a while. Take these growing pains and learning curves as a moment to learn through a veneer of love.

Calm Down By Removing Your Blue Blockers

Sometimes you can’t seem to calm down in your cubicle or office when these seemingly tragic moments happen. Here is when you should remove those pretty blue glasses and close your eyes for a moment. Then use alternate nostril breathing to calm down your nervous system and get back into the rhythm of things. Let go of the resentment that you feel towards yourself and recognize that others will soon again want to work with you despite the miscommunication or heated debate that went on moments earlier.


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